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About GFA

Networking is our passion. Global Freight Alliance brings together freight forwarders from all over the world to work together for mutual benefit. Therefore, networking has always been the basis behind our company and the most in-depth service we got to offer. 

Quality matters most

As businessmen, long-term experience taught us, that keeping your quality high is the key to sucess. That is why the Global Freight Alliance is all about providing top-notch service to hand-selected members. 

Extensive experience

There are many networks out there. What sets us apart: our extensive experience in the field of international cargo and transport as well as our financial backing to support a multinational network of freight forwarding agents. 

Guaranteed profitable business

Our limitation of agents per region and our shipment obligation policy ensures, that you will only work together with partners that can provide a substantial amount of business to the network. 
With our shipment obligation we keep "fishermen" away from our network ensuring that our members will truly benefit from a strong network of committed and supportive members.

A trusted network

For our member recruitment we take into consideration recommendations from fellow members of the logistics network and travel the globe for personal visits. Mutual trust is of utmost importance to us. '
With our sales trips and personal visits to many of our fellow members prior to their enlistment we ensure a high quality level of our members.

Monitored business transactions

We constantly monitor business transactions between our members, keep track of outstanding invoices and send payment reminders if required. You can rest assured that your work in our network is reliable and safe. 

Who is behind the GFA?

The GFA was established in 2015 and from the very beginning we were convinced, that a quality network is determined by the activity of its agents as well as having a supportive administration team. Therefore we have always been encouraging our team in working together to secure mutual growth and benefit for all members.